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In brief:
- Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia.
- Plays right handed guitars, left handed... yep, upside down, fat string on the bottom, thin string on the top! Similar to Albert King, Dick Dale, Elizabeth Cotten.
- Grew up obsessed with 50's & 60's music, especially Elvis and The Beatles.
- Releases include Hanging From Aldo- Album, The Tale- EP,  Only Jesus Knows/ New Day- Single, From The Same Egg- EP, The Death Of Discovery- Album.
David Cosma's music has been described as “a straight ahead, thinking person’s songwriter that speaks volumes to what a terrific talent we have in our midst"- Inpress Magazine, while The Age wrote "his full-bodied croon pairs the silken wryness of Elvis Costello and the gravel of Bob Dylan”. 
Inspiring lyrics accompanied by sumptuous melodies and harmonies, together with his unique method of playing the guitar, guarantees an impassioned live performance. Sonically, his music is rich and luminous and boasts a world class production quality that is often overlooked in the world of independent artists, but it is lyrically where Cosma stands apart, with a knack for examining commonplace and even trite circumstance and then magnifies their significance with a wry and at times ironic tone. Religion, pop culture and nostalgic nuances, punctuate and ultimately, accentuate his writing, triggering instant attention from audience and listeners.
He has released two full length albums, two EP’s and several singles since 2008. He performs regularly around Melbourne and Australia and has supported artists such as Jeff Martin, Mark Seymour, Russell Morris and Brian Cadd and has performed at various festivals including St. Kilda Festival, International Arts festival, Caloundra Music Festival, Newport Folk Festival, Brunswick Music Festival, Darebin Music Festival and the Rhythm & Rights Festival, to name some. From a very early age, he became obsessed with 1950’s and 60’s music, in particular Elvis and The Beatles. His love for playing guitar started when he sat and taught himself Jimmy Reed’s 'Baby What You Want Me To Do', a simple blues riff that he first saw Elvis perform on the 68 Comeback Special.
His music is made more unique by the way he plays guitar. David plays the guitar left handed, but on a right hand strung guitar, similar to artists Albert King, Elizabeth Cotten and Dick Dale.
David is also Co Writer/Producer/Performer in the critically acclaimed theatre show, Sun Rising- The Songs That Made Memphis, a show paying homage to Sun Records.
Bryget Chrisfield, Street Press Magazine- if you like Lior, you should check out David Cosma. His music features finger picking perfectly complemented by stirring piano and candid lyrics and are perfect for a lazy Saturday arvo.
Matthew Roberts- The Normal Grown-Up- Performances are spot-on, virtuosic in places, but the energy is spontaneous, and the tone sweetly ironic at times. The genre nods are comforting but don’t disrupt the singer-songwriter relationship with the listener - it’s a mix of styles in service of a coherent song cycle.
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